Partners for Sacred Places

Thanks to Patricia Carroll for pointing out this organization that may be of interest to our members.

Partners for Sacred Places helps congregations and others with a stake in older religious properties make the most of them as civic assets in ways that benefit people of all faiths and of no faith. They are national, nonsectarian, and not-for-profit.

Photo courtesy of Partners for Sacred Places

Partners for Sacred Places brings together a national network of expert professionals who understand the value of a congregation’s architectural assets, its worth as a faith community, and the significance of its service to the community at large. With offices in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Partners fosters the active community use of historic, sacred places – churches, synagogues, and more - and builds the capability of their congregations through training programs, fundraising assistance, and assessments. Partners has served thousands of congregations and other organizations over the past twenty-five years and represents the needs and concerns of over 100,000 older, community-serving sacred places across America.

Their work has included programs, projects, and collaborations with judicatories and other governing bodies. Partners has strong relations and collaborations with universities, preservation alliance and advocacy groups, as well as community development corporations. Partners also has strong expertise on adaptive re-use of vacant religious properties, leading design charrettes, community and political engagements, and business and funding plan development.

To learn more about their work in the Chicago area, please see their website: .