JLA Column on Strategic Planning & Assessment--Call for Contributors

This call for contributors comes from CARA member Wanda V. Dole, Emeritus Dean of the Library, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and Column Editor of the Strategic Planning and Assessment Column in the Journal of Library Administration.

The Journal of Library Administration informs readers on research, current developments, and trends related to the leadership and management of libraries. In today’s global environment, library administrators must make complex and challenging decisions to help institutions achieve the identified mission, vision and goals. You can find the aims and scope of the journal posted here.

The journal publishes up-to-the-minute information that library and information professionals and paraprofessionals in public, academic, special, and corporate environments need to lead and manage toward the overall objective of community and stakeholder support.

Within this context, the Journal of Library Administration features articles by the most highly regarded professionals in the field as related to leadership, management, evaluation, assessment, marketing, and more to promote organizational success. This involves all aspects of public and technical operations, information technology and management, access to information in all formats and delivery options, physical and irtual environments, and organizational behavior.

The Strategic Planning and Assessment column focuses on the closely related topics of strategic planning and assessment in all types of libraries. The column examines all aspects of planning and assessment including (but not limited to) components, methods, approaches, trends, tools and training. The column appears four times a year in even-numbered issues of the journal. Interested authors are invited to submit articles to the editor at wvdole@ualr.edu.

Possible topics include

  • Strategic planning versus strategic thinking.
  • Why some strategic plans fail and others thrive?
  • Positive and negative impacts of strategic planning and assessment
  • Including assessment metrics in strategic plans
  • SWOT analysis versus Appreciate Inquiry
  • Staffing and training for strategic planning and assessment
  • New metrics for new challenges
  • Value metrics
  • The role of planning and assessment in budget allocation, public services (staffing and locating service points) and building and renovating facilities
  • Analyzing and presenting results of planning and assessment
  • Continuous improvement cycle
  • Planning and assessment as tools for organizational change

Interested authors are invited to submit proposals for columns and author contact information to the editor at wvdole@ualr.edu. Articles on both theory and practice and examples of both successful and unsuccessful attempts in all types of libraries are invited. Articles should be at least 3000 words and written in Microsoft Word format.

Author guidelines and further information can be found here.