CARA Member Rebekah McFarland Awarded Honorable Mention in SAA's Archives Short Fiction Contest

Rebekah McFarland, archivist for the Sisters of the Living Word.
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CARA member Rebekah McFarland was recently awarded an honorable mention in SAA's 2018 Archives Short Fiction Contest. Rebekah is the archivist for the Sisters of the Living Word and often works as a project archivist for other institutions, most recently the College of American Pathologists and the Chicago History Museum. She is also a bookbinder.

Rebekah's story, "Ester Jones Diaz," follows an archivist gradually learning more about the significance of a historical figure. Of the story, the SAA jury said: "Through a relatable main character, ‘Ester Jones Diaz’ takes us on an out-of-this-world adventure that not only addresses current archival issues but creatively alludes to issues that may face us in the future. The elegant plot progression offers a thought-provoking look at how archival material generated in our own times may appear to our distant descendants."

Congratulations to Rebekah for this well-deserved honor, and for writing a wonderful story!