MAC 2018 in Chicago: Blurring Boundaries, Crossing Lines

MAC plenary session speaker Natalie Moore, WBEZ Radio,
speaks about using archives in her research on the history of Chicago's Southside

Midwest Archives Conference
's 2018 Annual Meeting was held in downtown Chicago at the Sheraton Grand hotel. Conference organizers, including Chicago Area Archivists' Local Arrangements Committee, did a stellar job of arranging interesting and educational tours, workshops, and sessions. Click here for the complete program. MAC is a wonderful opportunity to catch up with colleagues and be inspired by the work that they are doing. For instance, did you know about Scalar, an open source scholarly publishing tool that can be used to create digital exhibits? Or did you know the National Archives uses limestone caves in Missouri as storage space? Did you know that running checksum software on large digital collections can take weeks of computer processing time?

If you did not make it to this year's meeting, there's always next year when MAC heads to Motown--Detroit, Michigan. In the meantime, here is a pictorial glimpse of MAC 2018.

MAC's opening reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Kate Flynn, Gretchen Neidhardt, and Rachel Shaevel discuss their
creation of a digital exhibits workflow for Chicago Collections
The panelists in the digital preservation session admitted that nobody's doing
digital preservation perfectly, but there are still ways to get started on the right path.
In a session on closed archives, Amber Dushman talks about the responsibilities
of an archivist in an organization where access to the archives is a member
privilege and not a public right.