CARA Annual Business Report and 2017-2019 Steering Committee

Jerice Barrios, Archivist of the North American Province of the Cenacle, conducted the Annual CARA Business Meeting on May 11. She reported that CARA continues to be a small but vibrant subset of the Chicago Archives world. Our membership is stable and our treasury is adequate to meet anticipated expenses.

Over the past year CARA has sponsored educational events including a session on Digital Preservation last June and an introduction to controlled vocabulary by the American Theological Library Association’s (ATLA) Andy Carter and Adam Paradis in October. Tours this year were of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, the Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Archives and Records Center of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, The F. M. Johnson Archives and Special Collections at North Park University and ATLA. Our 2017 Spring Meeting featured historian Rima Lunin Schultz who discussed her work and how it is enriched by the inclusion of women’s religious archival material.

In accordance with CARA Bylaws, Steering Committee members were elected for a 2-year term this Spring. Anna Kajsa (Anderson) Echague and Malachy McCarthy have both opted to step down from their CARA Steering Committee service. We thank them for all they have contributed. Reelected to the Committee are Audra Adomenas, Jerice Barrios and Patricia Carroll. Elected and joining anew are Merle Branner and Doris Cardenas. We welcome them and look forward to working together for professional development in religious archives.

Submitted by Patricia Carroll - May 22, 2017