A Question and an Offer

The collective wisdom of CARA is being consulted in the question below, which concerns deaccessioning an archive's collections:

Although we are years from implementing anything, we are attempting to gather information on how religious communities are deaccessioning the bulk of their collections. 

Currently, I am working with a community of women religious in California that may need to close the doors of its archive in the coming years, and I'm not sure of what steps to take next. I was wondering if you may have any recommendations of individuals or congregations that I might be able to contact for advice on how to plan for the future.

Any advice or recommendation would be really appreciated.

All my thanks,
Patricia McCloy


If you know of a good home for a set of vintage Catholic encyclopedias, please see the offer below:

I have a full set (16 volumes) of the 1912 edition of The Catholic Encyclopedia to donate. I would like to move them along. I live in Rogers Park and would be happy to deliver them to a good home! They are in perfect condition. Please let me know if you could use them or if you could suggest another place for them. Thank you.

Peggy Cunniff